Why You Should Go for Fresh Flour only !!

Why You Should Go for Fresh Flour only !!

Grains are always measured one of nature’s gifts because of its sustainability and versatility.Grain flour is a basic ingredient that’s available universally because of its affordability and easy access. This basic ingredient is very important ingredient for creating delicious food.

Chapattis, fulkas, parathas, bhakaris are favorite and important part of any meal in India. But soft and fluffy chapattis can be made only from the best and fresh chakki Atta.

And if you’re like me, you use it every day to cook healthy and nutritious meals for your family. 

But, have you ever wondered about the quality and nutrition of the flour you use?

Many of us don’t since it’s so easily available, we take it for granted that the quality brands and types of flours are as good as it gets. If you are buying organic flour, you know that it isn’t filled with artificial ingredients, but is that enough? Maybe you should look into milling flour as well. 

Why You Should Go for Fresh Flour only 

  • It’s more nutritious. 

The quality of your flour depends on numerous things, which includes the milling process, the conditions the grain grows in and the size of the production.When flour is produced on very large scale, it loses the majority of the grain’s naturally occurring nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Most of the nutrition in grain is found in the bran and germ of the kernel.

E.g. Wheat, there are 3 different parts to a wheat kernel (sometimes called a wheat berry):

1)  BRAN   :  is the hard outer wrapper of the wheat kernel, high in nutrients and fiber 

2)  GERM   :  is the nutrient-rich embryo that will sprout and grow into a new wheat plant.  

3)  ENDOSPERM: is the biggest part (83%), the "insides" of the kernel - mostly starch. 

But commercial flours remove the bran and germ because without the oils that those parts contain, the flour lasts longer on the shelves. The grain kernel contains many nutrients, and most of them are removed during the commercial milling process. 

  • It’s Healthy 

We benefit greatly by eating wholesome, natural food the way God made it.  All of the chapattis, fulkas, parathas, bhakaris etc. that we make from freshly milled wheat are not only healthier for us but they taste delicious. 

  • Soft, Fresh & Tastes Good!  

Fresh flour is easy for the body to digest.  If you like fresh, quality ingredients, fresh flour will enhance the taste of everything you make from it.  You can feel good knowing that you are giving your family the very best that nature can provide. 

  • Start Eliminating Disease – 

Everything I’ve read suggests that so many health problems such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, obesity, heart disease and bowel problems are all on the rise since the introduction of white flour back in the 1900’s.  By removing white flour from your diet, and replacing it with fresh milled whole wheat, we believe you can begin to reverse the cycle of disease in your body and start creating better health the way God intended. 

  • Lose Weight, Look Better, and Feel Better 

The chapattis or other similar products made from fresh flour are so satisfying, so that someone’s sugar cravings can be greatly reduced.  You stay full longer. Fresh Atta is 100 percent whole wheat grain, rich in nutrients, vitamins, and dietary fiber that is important for a healthy digestive system. It also helps to lower blood cholesterol and helps you get more fit.


It’s my belief that our body is the temple of the Holy Soul and it is our responsibility to keep it fit & healthy.  We can best do that with all the things God has put on this earth for us to eat and enjoy. Fruits, vegetables & whole grains.  I encourage you to start on this road of healthier living by making small changes in daily routine.  It is a journey!  I hope you will join us! 

Whereas we are a business, we also look at giving our time and knowledge as a ministry.  We desire to teach anyone who wants to learn. Find our contact information on our website 8farmers.com. 

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