About Us

Being part of a farmer's family we have seen farmer's struggle to sell their products and the willfulness of the dealers while buying the same. And Rs. 100 product bought from farmer is been sold to almost Rs. 300-400 to the end user. This leads us to bridge the gap between farmers and end customer emitting the middlemen so that farmers will get enough in returns and end customers also can save something.

We strongly believe that everyone gets a 'Fair' price when commodities are transferred directly between suppliers and consumers. Our vision is to provide a place where customers can buy goods directly from farmers/producers. Straight from farmers emerged as there were not many ecommerce options focusing on the core farming community. We commit providing a generous selection of goods, low prices, secure online shopping and a world class ecommerce multi-vendor marketplace for buyers and sellers. We are on a mission to make straight from Farmers a global online marketplace for customers and suppliers to have an easy, hassle-free, secure and trustworthy trade.

Please be a part of the cause and help farmers!

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